The Embodied-Relational Therapy Training

Two-year Modular Advanced Body Psychotherapy Training

We attract participants looking for a robust training in working with embodiment and relationship and are passionate about supporting you to become more deeply the therapist you already are. ERT encourages spontaneity, creativity, and deep trust of our own inherent competence, and the trustworthiness of our clients and their unfolding process. A central theme is working with our embodied relationship with our clients.

The residential nature of the training ensures a rigorous personal and collective learning experience. A depth of learning is supported through living, working and playing together. A community is nourished and flourishes through this process.

If you want an experiential and theoretical model to support and develop your work as a body psychotherapist, then ERT could be for you.

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An Introduction to ERT

Embodied-Relational Therapy is an integrative approach drawing from Reichian bodywork, psychodynamic thinking, process approaches and earth centred spirituality. ERT studies and encourages embodied relating, using creativity and an openness to what is unfolding in the moment to explore the client’s process, and aiming to encourage practitioners to work with the complexity of their embodied responses to their clients.

Originally developed by Nick Totton and Em Edmonson. ERT continues to grow and evolve through the work of its trainers, trainees and clients.

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The Embodied-Relational Therapy Trainers

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