Embodied-Relational and Wild Therapy

Hi welcome to my site. I have been working as a psychotherapist for over twenty years. I also work as a supervisor and trainer; based just outside of Stroud in Gloucestershire.

If you'd like to explore working with me please be in touch

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Webinars and Training

I offer training and cpd opportunities in Embodied-Relational and Wild therapeutic approaches.

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Wild Therapy

Supporting people to be more wild; more embodied, less domesticated, freer, bigger, softer

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How to be a Bad Therapist book

Nick Totton & Allison Priestman. Bringing some fresh air into the discourse about what makes a good or bad therapist.


Embodied-Relational Therapy

My aim is to give my clients support and permission to be themselves, however challenging that, at times, can be.

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Allisons Videos

I’m creating videos that explore different dimensions of my work. Particularly where embodiment, relationship, and wildness meet.

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I am interested in creating honest and transparent supervisory relationships, so that risks can be taken and deep learning can occur.