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Priestman, A. (2019) Too Hot to Handle? Working with Erotic Charge. Pschotherapy and Politics International, Vol 17, Issue 3

If you cant gain access to this article and you wish to read it, please contact me.

Books and Book Chapters

Totton, N. Priestman, A. (2021) How to be a Bad Therapist. Amazon self published, avaliable in book and kindle form.

(Chapters: Good and Bad Therapists (and People); Ethics and Technique;  Intimacy, Disclosure, Mutuality and Enactment; Privilege and Power; Therapy as Wild; Play and Relaxation; Conclusion.)

Totton, N. Priestman, A. (2012) Embodiment & Relationship: Two halves of one whole.

In: C Young (ed.), About Relational Body Psychotherapy (pp 35-53) Stow, UK: Body Psychotherapy Publications.

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