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About Allison

I originally trained with Nick Totton in Embodied-Relational Therapy; in a self directed training. I subsequently trained in supervision with the The Centre for Supervision Training and Development (CSTD)

Contemporary UK relational psychotherapists have deeply influenced my work.  Roz Carroll, Shoshi Asheri and especially Michael Soth - who I've been in supervision and cpd groups with for six years.

This is my twentieth year of working as a psychotherapist. Reflecting on how my approach has changed and developed in this time, a few themes emerge:- relaxation, play, the wild. Alongside and interwoven with my work is my deep concern for the climate and ecological emergency.

I feel privileged to still deeply enjoy my work. All aspects,- working with clients, supervises and trainees. I notice myself being more able to relax, to soften into being present with whoever and whatever is emerging in myself, others and the world. Finding play as a resource. Playing with words, movement, images. Play can support a lightness and experimentation and spontaneity.

Increasingly I'm curious what an embodied, relational and wild therapy looks like? How can these three aspects of our lived experience - which can often be challenging- be integrated? What has embodiment, relationality and wildness got to offer clients and therapists? How can this approach be part of a new story, offering the possibility of a future with more hope? To read more...

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