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Allison Priestman, Embodied-Relational and Wild Therapy


My Approach

My approach is flexible and creative in order to find a way to meet each person in their uniqueness. I’m interested in supporting people to discover new aspects of themselves; to take risks and to be real.  My aim is to give my clients support and permission to be themselves, however challenging that, at times, can be.


Through a relationship with our therapist which is supportive but challenging we can explore how we relate to others and find more creative ways to live our lives.


Relational Body Psychotherapy

Body psychotherapy is an approach that takes account of the wholeness of our experience; that we have minds, bodies and spirits. It encourages an exploration of body based experiences such as; breath, movement, habitual gestures, body symptoms and internal sensations.


This way of working is non intrusive and can be valuable for anyone. It can be especially useful to those who feel estranged from their body in some way, for people who yearn to feel more at home in themselves. It can be useful for people who experience persistent body symptoms, and anyone who is drawn to this way of working.

Wild Therapy

I'm passionate about supporting people to be more wild; more embodied, less domesticated, freer, bigger, softer. More like an animal, the mammals that we are. Finding a new balance which trusts our sense based experiences as well as our intellects. Learning to live in taste, touch, smell, sound, sight, feelings, dreams, visions and thoughts.


It's good for us, it helps us join up, with some of our lost parts. Our hearts, our guts, our feet, our wish to dance, to play. We can feel lighter, more nourished, more resourced. Allowing our wildness also offers the potential of becoming more relaxed, efforting less, more trusting of ourselves and our place on the earth. Supporting our ability to listen to the wild intelligence inside us and of which we are a part.


My practice is based just outside of Stroud Gloucestershire. Please phone or email me to ask any questions that you may have and to arrange an initial meeting. 


I work from a spacious, light, quiet, self contained work studio, in beautiful rural Gloucestershire. I also work outside with clients, exploring the wild on the common land near my house. I offer short and long term work anything from six sessions to a number of years. I'll send you directions before our first meeting. The sessions are for an hour and are usually weekly at a regular time. The cost is £65 a session. Some concessions are available for those on low income. I have full Professional Liability Insurance and I'm accredited with the EABP and UKAHPP.

The best way to start is to come for an initial meeting to get a sense of whether I am the right person for you. It’s a chance to talk about yourself and to explore how I might be able to help.

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