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I’m interested in creating training spaces from three-hour webinars to the two year-long residential Embodied- Relational Therapy training, which allow participants to drop deeply into themselves.


Combining experiential learning with rigorous theoretical input. Supporting practitioners to relax into the complexities and paradoxes of working as a therapist. Of supporting work from the non-expert position. 

Allison Priestman

I am with the enquiry - how do we decolonise our practice? What can an embodied, relational, and eco-systemic approach offer that journey? 

I am a white, slim, cis gendered woman; living and struggling with both my disability and my ableism. I have been working as an Embodied-Relational Therapist for over 20 years. I'm continually being woken up, challenged and nourished by my contact with clients, supervises and trainees. At this time of climate, diversity and equality crises, I’m interested in being part of a collective understanding of their interwoven causes. And part of a collective search for a way forward. 

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