I work on my own and I'm part of the Embodied-Relational Therapy Training Team and Wild Therapy trainers. My training partners are Stephen Tame and Jayne Johnson. If you wish me to run a workshop for your group or organisation please be in touch.

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Workshops 2020

An Ecopsychology training day

Allison Priestman

Sat. 4 July 2020

Swellshill, Stroud, £95 (early bird May 29th, £75)


This is an opportunity to experience, learn, and gain confidence in working therapeutically,  in partnership with the other-than-human.

We will take time to immerse ourselves, in the breathing landscape, in the grass, trees, buzzards and rocks. The workshop aims to support our own and our clients wildness. Exploring how to develop wild mind, our ecological consciousness. Making space for experiences and exploration of spirituality and the wild.

Working inside and out - in my studio and in the wilder,  Cotswold, common land that surrounds my home. We will work individually, in pairs and in the whole group. Group size is limited to 6 participants. Suitable for councillors, psychotherapists and allied practitioners.

This workshop would serve as an ideal taster for the Playing with Fire course starting in October 2020 led by Allison Priestman in Bristol.

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Spirited Wild Workshop

An Experience of Embodied-Relational Therapy the meeting place of Body, Process, and Relational Psychotherapy 


with Stephen Tame & Allison Priestman 

January or February 2021  Bovey Tracey, South Devon 
Cost: £185 (early bird £155 before 31st July) 

Date To Be Confirmed


This 2-day non-residential workshop, will support you to explore working relationally with body experience. 
We will explore, through experiential and theoretical practice, the 4-stage model of Embodied-Relational Therapy (ERT):  
• Contact – how do we make contact, both initially and through client sessions? 
• Information gathering – how can we use all our senses and different channels to orientate ourselves with clients and their processes of growth and change? 
• Amplification – How do we support amplification of movements, relationship, sounds, feelings, breathing...? 
• Integration – Integrating our client sessions, our own work, this workshop 
We encourage risk taking, within this safely held container; to discover and play at the edges of your own embodied-relational process; to experiment with new and embodied working with clients. 
This workshop is suitable for anyone working one to one in a therapeutic setting i.e. counsellors, psychotherapists, body/physical/massage therapists, yoga therapists etc. 
It is also a good taster for the Embodied-Relational Therapy Training starting in April 2021 and Playing with Fire starting October 2020. 

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Working with Movement

Allison Priestman

November 2020 or January 2021, Bristol

£90 (early bird £75,)



​A workshop for psychotherapists, counsellors and allied practitioners


Much of our clients'  formative experiences are of movement. It is important for our clients that we have some confidence and competence to work in this core channel of their experience.


Our bodies are in constant movement, mostly unnoticed. This is an opportunity to open and refresh our insight into how our clients move, how we move, and how our clients move us. We will be working with small and large movements, intentional and unconscious movement, in a gentle and supported way.

This work will be held and explored through a relational framework. Exploring how to make use of and think about, our complex embodied responses to our clients. The weekend will be experiential, underpinned by theoretic input drawn from Embodied-Relational Therapy.


This workshop would serve as an ideal taster for the Playing with Fire course starting in October 2020 led by Allison Priestman in Bristol.

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