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How to Be a Bad Therapist

I'm excited that my first book has just been published. Co-authored with Nick Totton 'How to Be a Bad Therapist' is available in book and Kindle form on Amazon.

Nick and I have just made a video where we introduce the book, talking about how it's grown from the How to be a Bad Therapist webinar series which we ran last year. I hope you enjoy, I'm interested in any feedback you have.

How to Be a Bad Therapist, book available on Amazon

"In this short and hopefully easy-to-read book we aim to throw open some windows, to bring fresh air into the discourse about what makes a good or bad therapist and to offer some redefinitions of therapy. We suggest that therapy isn’t an expert knowledge system, open to being standardised and manualised, but is more akin to local, indigenous, embodied and relational forms of knowledge. Therapy isn’t primarily an academic activity, and we would argue is not best taught in an academic, rigorously assessed context. We are interested in questioning who sets the rules? Are the rules and expectations of how to be a good therapist the most helpful ones?"

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