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I'm offering a number of webinars in 2022 and 2023, some in collaboration with Nick Totton, some on my own. I'm interested in offering training from my modality Embodied-Relational and Wild Therapy that supports practitioners to bring their vitality and presence into their work.

The groups will be kept to a relatively small size to support contact to be made between participants. I'm interested in finding ways to offer accessible online training that still supports connection, embodiment and relationship.

Webinars will usually be kept short, with regular breaks being an integral part. Please watch this space for more details of events. I've had feedback that these webinars provide a rich and rewarding training experience.

I hope you'll join me.

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How to be a Bad Therapist

Allison Priestman

Online Webinar, Saturday March 18, 2023. 10am-4pm

Hellebores 1.jpg

How to Be a Bad Therapist

Allison Priestman

Online with Bramham Therapy

Saturday 18th March, 10am-4pm.

£95 (early bird before 18th Feb 2023) £105 


Deconstructing the ‘rules’ of our profession, re-imagining how to work with integrity and creativity. 

Are the injunctions that we are taught on our trainings fit for practice? How do we sift through the ‘rules’ of the Therapy World to ensure that we are not working from fear or defensiveness?

On this workshop we hope:-
“to bring some fresh air into the discourse about what makes a good or bad therapist and to offer some re-definitions of therapy. We suggest that therapy isn’t an expert knowledge system, open to being standardised and manualised, but is more akin to local, indigenous, embodied and relational forms of knowledge…. We are interested in questioning: who sets the rules? Are the rules and expectations of how to be a good therapist the most helpful ones? In the search for high standards and protection of the client, has something been lost?”
– (From How to be a Bad Therapist, by Nick Totton and Allison Priestman 2021.)

Therapy can be a messy, awkward and unknowable process, and we will explore how best to prepare ourselves for the reality of working in a demanding and unpredictable profession. Allison Priestman will offer a relational model of working, exploring how to embrace our embodied responses to our clients, as an integral part of the therapeutic process. This will be an interactive and experiential day-long workshop. Practitioners will be supported to work with integrity and creativity through group discussion, experiential exercises and supervision space. This workshop has grown out of both the ‘How to be a Bad Therapist’ webinar series, and the book, that Allison co-led and then co-wrote with Nick Totton.

Attention will be given to:
• How to question rather than be cowed by our internalised therapy police.
• How to utilise our embodied responses to our clients.
• Supporting courageous self-reflection, for those times when we need to act contrary to the dictates of ‘Therapy World’.
• Creating a community of practitioners on the workshop.
• Offering thoughtful alternative models and definitions of therapy.
• Encouraging you, if you wish, to step into being a ‘bad’ therapist.

Open to psychological therapists (including trainees) from all modalities and health professionals. CPD certificates supplied. 

For more info

Therapy as Play image.jpeg

Therapy as Play

Resourcing ourselves to work in turbulent times

Allison Priestman

Friday, 11th March 2022, 10:am -1pm

£35, please book on Eventbrite

Is our work as counsellors and psychotherapist about to become more complex and demanding? It’s unknown how the turbulence from Covid-19, an approaching economic depression, the climate and biodiversity crisis etc will impact ourselves, our client’s, and our culture. This webinar seeks to resource practitioners in their work; specifically exploring how we might relax into our demanding role.

Play is fundamental to our development as babies and children. This workshop will explore the idea that it is also fundamental to the therapeutic process. The interaction between therapist and client is a way of creating and exploring reality. Through play we try on and experiment with different aspects and parts of ourselves. Through play the paradox that therapy is both real and pretend can be held.


Re-conceptualising therapy as play, offers the possibility of relaxing and being lighter with the demands of our role. It also gives us theoretical ground to support more-than-rational and non-expert approaches.


On this experiential workshop we will explore ways that you may currently play in your work and ways to develop and expand playing as a resource. Getting curious about the play of words, sensations, movement's, images, fantasies and contact.


This webinar would be a useful taster for the Embodied -Relational Therapy training starting in April 2022. Places are limited to 12, there are a limited number of concessions at £25. Please contact Allison to book one. 


My experience as an Embodied-Relational Therapist, supervisor and trainer is that it is possible to enjoy our work, to feel creative and to play. I hope that you will join me.

To watch a video  of Allison talking about Therapy as Play

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Embodiment & Body Psychotherapy

Allison Priestman

25 March, 10-1pm,

£35 Please book on Event-bright


“We do not have bodies we are bodies.… I do not own it or inhabit it, from it, I arise.” Intelligence in the Flesh, Guy Claxton


On this webinar we will explore- what is embodiment? How can we support a meaningful integration of embodiment into our practice? How do we support and embrace our different bodies?


Embodiment is central to our existence, yet embodiment is not supported by western mainstream culture. To be at home in our bodies we need to start from our present lived experience. We also need to challenge dualistic thinking and unconscious internalised prejudice.


On this webinar I’d like to:-

  • Unpack what it means to be an embodied and extended system.

  • Find a balance between theoretical and intuitive ways of knowing. Exploring embodied thinking and intelligent movement.

  • To begin an exploration of marginalisation. Both how embodiment itself is marginalised and how to work with our own and our clients embodied experiences of marginalisation.

Suitable for counsellors, psychotherapists and allied practitioners who want to welcome embodiment into your work. It will be a useful taster for the 2022 Embodied-Relational Therapy training starting in April.


Places will be limited to 12. A few concessionary places are available at £25, please contact me if you wish to book one. I hope you can join me. 


Working in the Web Webinar

An online course on eco-systemic psychotherapy

Nick Totton & Allison Priestman

10 June, 10am-1pm.

£35 Please book on Event-bright

An ecosystem is a spontaneously self-regulating network of interdependent beings, all of which form the environment for each member of the network. When we meet as therapist and client, each of us comes as part of many literal and metaphorical ecosystems; we can see the situation as a disturbance somewhere in the client’s networks which leads them to seek interaction with the therapist’s networks, including but not only their professional ones. Many different beings are effectively present at the meeting – human and other-than-human, alive and dead, physical and non-physical; all potentially have a role to play.

Experiencing therapy from this larger perspective is enriching, but it’s not immediately clear how to translate this vision into a new form of practice. In the webinar, which is a taster for the longer course starting in September, we will be exploring some possible ways of working ecosystemically through presentations, discussion, and time in pairs or small groups.

Both of us are deeply impacted by the current three emergencies facing our earth: the crises of climate, biodiversity and equality. We’re offering this course as a small step towards exploring the inter-relationship of these issues, and to offer a model of what a psychotherapy fit for the future might look like.

Places will be limited to 22. A few concessionary places are available at £25, please contact me if you wish to book one.

Messiness and mistakes.jpeg

Messiness and Mistakes Webinar

Embracing Relational Work

Allison Priestman

and Stephen Tame
Friday November 19, 10am-1pm
£35, please book on Eventbrite

Like in life, therapy relationships can at times be messy - we make mistakes. On this webinar we are interested to explore how we can creatively make use of ourselves as therapists. Can we own and utilise our inevitable clumsiness and mistakes?

The kinds of confusions and misunderstandings that happen between therapist and client can be invaluable, if we remain open and curious.

Stephen and Allison, experienced Embodied-Relational Therapy practitioners and trainers have both made many mistakes. We will introduce an Embodied-Relational Therapy perspective on working relationally. We believe our best resource in this work is our embodiment and a robust theoretical grounding.

Our aim is for this to be a resourcing experience - offering support for you to survive and make good use of turbulent relational times. This webinar would be a useful taster for the Embodied -Relational Therapy training starting in April 2022.


Places are limited to 16, we have a limited number of concessions at £25. Please contact Allison to book one. We hope you’ll join us.

To watch a video of Allison talking about Embodied Relating

Power and Privaledge.jpg

Power and privilege

Nick Totton & Allison Priestman

Online Event


Friday 15 Oct 2021, 10.30am-1pm

£25, book on Eventbrite

Second only to money in the embarrassment stakes, power and privilege are not discussed in therapy nearly as much as they should be. In this webinar, the latest in our occasional series 'How To Be A Bad Therapist', we intend to grasp the nettle and explore how silence about these issues can be a strong obstruction to therapy, while discussing them frankly can be a tremendous boost, allowing the client (and us) to revisit painful and taboo material.

The question of power is directly and unavoidably present in the therapy session. Who's in charge? Who picks the topics? Who decides what is real and what is not? As therapists we need to be very clear about our implicit power and all the indirect ways in which we can and often do exercise it. We need to be open to challenge and dethronement as a key part of the work. We also need to be fully aware of how social rank and privilege come into the work, through differences of class, gender, skin colour, sexuality, age and many other factors.

The webinar will use direct presentation, discussion, and exercises to explore these issues. This webinar will be limited to 23 places; please book early if you can.

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Embodied Relating Webinar

 Allison Priestman


Fri, 24 September 2021, 10:00 – 13:00

£35, Book on Eventbrite

"Our body bathes in and soaks up the embodied presence of the client; we catch fire from her; we breathe her in and metabolise her; our ground state reverberates to her rhythms, and our own rhythms shift to meet them." (Totton, Embodied Relating, 2015)


On this webinar we will study the complex and subtle skills of connecting to and utilising our embodiment as a relational resource. The starting place for working relationally, is being with our own experience in the moment. Working in this way requires us to develop a practice of moment to moment awareness of our multi-channelled experiences. Paying attention to our emotions, internal sensations, thoughts, dreams and fantasies as information about the unfolding process between us and our clients.


In therapy we have the double task of allowing ourselves to fall into the soup with our clients, to be immersed in the relational dynamics, and also to be able to witness, and have a meta position on what’s unfolding.


This webinar is drawn from my work with and immersion in Nick Totton’s teaching; particularly his book Embodied Relating. My aim is to introduce theory in an open, accessible way, and to have a collaborative dialogue with the group about how to strengthen your embodied relating. Combining discussion and experiential exercises in small groups.


The group will be kept small to a maximum of 14 people. There are a small number of concessionary places available at £25, please email me if you wish to book one.


This morning webinar would serve as a useful taster for both Playing with Fire and the Embodied-Relational Therapy training starting in April 2022.


Walk in the Wild Webinar

Working with clients outside

Allison Priestman

Friday, 17th September 2021, 10am -1pm 

£35, Book on Eventbrite

Wild therapy -bringing therapy into the Wild, and the Wild into therapy.

An opportunity to gain confidence in working with clients outside.

On the workshop my aim is to find our path between:-

The practical – contracting, reconsidering the frame, the scope and possibility of client work outside.

The personal – supporting our own and our clients wildness. Exploring how to develop wild mind, or ecological consciousness.

The political – What hope can eco-systemic thinking offer us and our world at this time of turbulence?


Drawn from Wild Therapy the Ecopsycology approach developed by Nick Totton, that I teach and practice. My aim is to make this accessible, fun and enlivening. 

The group will be kept small to a maximum of 14 people. There are a small number of concessionary places available at £25, please email me if you wish to book one.


This morning webinar would serve as a useful taster for both Playing with Fire and the Embodied-Relational Therapy training starting in April 2022.

Cecilie signed Erotic.jpg

Working with Erotic Charge


Friday 16th July 2021, 10.00-1pm,

Book on Eventbrite Website £35,

When the erotic enters the therapy room we can be swept by strong emotions arousal, disgust, enchantment, love, hate. This is complex, often subtle work, demanding integrity and rigour.


I have been running workshops and webinars for the past 10 years on the theme of erotic charge. There is often a mix of excitement, nervousness and keen interest; an aliveness that feels ultimately life affirming.


I will be offering a theoretical framework to make sense of the embodied, relational complexity that can often unfold when the erotic emerges. I will be aiming to normalise the experience and support you to draw from your existing skill base. The morning webinar will combine theoretical input, group discussion, explorations in breakout rooms and supervision.

The workshop will be limited to 13 participants. There are three concessionary places at £25, please email me if you wish to book one.


To view a recent video I made of my approach to working with the erotic.


I hope you can join me Allison

IMG_6180 (2).jpeg

Therapy as a Practice of Truth

Nick Totton and Allison Priestman


Friday 26th March 2021, 10.30 -1pm,

£25, Book on Eventbrite


This webinar will present a view of therapy as a practical study of truth and its consequences, untruth and its consequences, and how to distinguish the two. The truth which therapy studies is not just rational but emotional. Exploring it, teaches us that no truth is absolute – that truth is not singular but plural and contingent, and therefore subject to negotiation.


‘Negotiating truth’ is one way of defining what therapy is about. This follows from the basic set-up: there are two people in the space, each with their own views about what is going on between them and what is going on in the client's life, and each with an investment in persuading the other that their own view is correct. What a charged situation! How similar to everyday life!


We will explore a relational model of therapy. Studying how to unpack and make space for the complexity, contradictions and truth of our embodied experiences.


Nick and Allison will give a short presentation around our themes, we will make use of breakout rooms for small group discussion. We are interested in what truth emerges from our collaborative exploration as a diverse group of practitioners.


We hope you can join us.

Bringing Embodiement Online.jpg

Bringing Embodiment Online


Friday 22nd January 2021, 10.30 -1pm,

Minimum donation £18, Please book on Eventbrite

Minimum booking donation £18.

How can we work with embodiment online? How can we maintain good contact, an alive relationship, depth and creativity in the work, while online? Huge cultural trauma, translocation and change is unfolding around us, disembodiment is often part and parcel of such experiences. Consequently, finding ways to support our own and our clients embodiment feel central at this time.


The group will be limited to 20 participants, to support sharing and intimacy. I hope we will talk, think, look, touch, move, breath and explore together. Specifically enquiring into how to root into own bodies as a resource, and how to work with our clients body process online. Exploring:- self touch, movement, images, internal sensations and present sense based experience.


Booking required. Please be generous if you can, to support those who can’t afford to pay much. I hope you’re able to join me for a resourcing workshop.


This webinar would be a useful taster for the ERT workshop in February and/or the ERT training in Devon, starting in June 2021.


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